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Tumbi Bhairavi G

Vaja Darbaari B

Sarangi Darbaari C#

Mandolin Darbaari D

Flute Darbaari G#

Banjo Pillu C#

Vaja Darbaari G#

Sarangi Darbaari F#

Trap Drums - Pack 01

Banjo Bhairavi C#

Banjo Bhairavi C

Flute Darbaari C

Mandolin Pillu D

Banjo Bhairavi F

Vaja Pahaari C#

Sarangi Pillu C

Flute Darbaari D#

Tumbi Darbaari C

Tumbi Bhairavi C#

Banjo Darbaari C#

Banjo Darbaari D

Vaja Bhairavi F

Vaja Bhairavi D

Sarangi Darbaari C

Guitar Bhairavi C#

Ikky - Artist Kit

Sunil Kalyan - 84 BPM - D# - Artist Kit

Mandolin Darbaari F

Flute Bhairavi F

Sarangi Todi E

Sarangi Bhairavi D

Sarangi Darbaari G#

Flute Darbaari G

Tumbi Pillu E

Vaja Todi E

Banjo Darbaari D#

Dholak G#

Sarangi Darbaari E

Flute Bhairavi E

Mandolin Todi E

Vaja Bhairavi G

Dr Zeus - Artist Kit

Sarangi Bhairavi G#

Guitar Darbaari E

Banjo Bhairavi E

Sarangi Charukeshi D#

Gur Sidhu - Artist Kit

Mandolin Darbaari G

Flute Bhairavi G

Tumbi Bhairavi F#

Sarangi Darbaari B

Sarangi Bhairavi B

Mandolin Darbaari B

Flute Darbaari B

Guitar Bhairavi D#

Vaja Darbaari C#

Sarangi Pillu D

Tumbi Bhairavi C

Flute Bhairavi D

Guitar Darbaari B

Vaja Pahaari G#

Guitar Bhairavi G

Sarangi Darbaari F

Banjo Darbaari G#

Vaja Pillu F#

Flute Bhairavi C#

Guitar Darbaari C

Mandolin Bhairavi B

Sarangi Bhairavi C

Banjo Darbaari E

Sarangi Pillu E

Mandolin Bhairavi F#

Vaja Bhairavi G#

Tumbi Pahaari G#

Sarangi Bhairavi D#

Flute Darbaari F

Sarangi Bhairavi G

Mandolin Bhairavi E

Tumbi Darbaari B

Flute Bhairavi D#

Vaja Bhairavi E

Vaja Darbaari F

Flute Pahaari G#

Tumbi Darbaari E

Vaja Bhairavi C

Sarangi Pillu C#

Tumbi Darbaari F#

Vaja Charukeshi D#

Guitar Darbaari D

Flute Bhairavi B

Harj Nagra - Artist Kit

Dholak B

Banjo Darbaari B

Banjo Bhairavi B

Vaja Pillu A#

Vaja Darbaari A#

Vaja Bhairavi A#

Tumbi Pillu A#

Tumbi Darbaari A#

Tumbi Bhairavi A#

Sarangi Pillu A#

Sarangi Darbaari A#

Sarangi Bhairavi A#

Roach Killa - Artist Kit

Melodica Bhairavi A#

Mandolin Darbaari A#

Guitar Pillu A#

Guitar Bhairavi A#

Flute Bhairavi A#

Banjo Darbaari A#

Vaja Pillu A

Vaja Bhairavi A

Tumbi Pillu A

Sarangi Pillu A

Mandolin Bhairavi A

Guitar Bhairavi A

Flute Darbaari A

Flute Bhairavi A

Mandolin Bhairavi D#

Deep Jandu - Artist Kit

Tumbi Bhairavi A

Flute Pillu E

Vaja Darbaari C

Guitar Bhairavi D

Banjo Bhairavi D

Mandolin Pahaari G#

Guitar Darbaari C#

Tumbi Darbaari D

Mandolin Darbaari G#

DJ KSR - Remix Kit

Sarangi Bhairavi E

Tumbi Pahaari C#

Guitar Pillu E

Mandolin Bhairavi A#

Flute Todi E

Flute Darbaari C#

Guitar Darbaari A#

Tabla D

Vaja Bhairavi B

Mandolin Darbaari C

Tumbi Bhairavi B

Banjo Pillu E

Dhad E

Tumbi Bhairavi G#

Dholak A#

Tabla D#

Violin Bhairavi F

Vaja Pillu C#

Vaja Bhairavi D#

Dhol F#

Violin Bhairavi C#

Flute Pillu C#

Guitar Pahaari G#

Vaja Darbaari E

Vaja Darbaari D

Vaja Bhairavi F#

Vaja Bhairavi C#

Tumbi Darbaari F

Tumbi Bhairavi F

Tumbi Darbaari D#

Tumbi Bhairavi D

Tenor Guitar Darbaari F

Tenor Guitar Darbaari B

Tenor Guitar Bhairavi G#

Tenor Guitar Bhairavi A

Tabla F#

Tabla A#

Tabla E

Tabla C#

Sarangi Darbaari G

Sarangi Darbaari D#

Sarangi Bhairavi F#

Sarangi Bhairavi C#

Mandolin Darbaari E

Mandolin Darbaari A

Mandolin Bhairavi F

Mandolin Bhairavi D

Guitar Darbaari D#

Guitar Darbaari F

Guitar Bhairavi E

Guitar Bhairavi B

Flute Darbaari E

Flute Darbaari A#

Flute Bhairavi G#

Flute Bhairavi C

Banjo Darbaari F

Banjo Darbaari C

Banjo Bhairavi D#

Banjo Bhairavi A#

Algozay Bhairavi F

Algozay Bhairavi E

Algozay Bhairavi C#

Dholak F#

Dholak F

Dholak E

Dholak C#

Dhol F

Dhol E

Dhol D#

Dhol C#


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